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  • Crofton News: Above & Below - Welcome To Our Quarterly Newsletter Click to Download Your Copy We are delighted to share with you the inaugural issue of our newsletter! This newsletter will highlight the exciting things we’ve been up to, above and below the waterline. Crofton has changed a lot since 1949. What started as a diving company, is now a […]
  • "Crofton Industries has consistently been there for Western Branch Diesel when we have needed them most, from a midnight call on a Friday night to dedicating 2 drivers to us exclusively for Hurricane Joaquin. Crofton is more than just a vendor for WBD, they are truly a partner in our day to day business."

  • "We are very proud to call Crofton a partner as they have assisted us with so many dynamic projects by providing services ranging from trucking to crane work and rigging."

  • "We greatly appreciated the level of professionalism we experienced when working with you. Your cooperation was the key to our success. Because of you, filming was completed without a hitch. Your expertise  helped make our last minute requests happen and kept our shooting schedule on track. We never worried about the safety of our crew and cargo. Hopefully, there will be another feature film that we can use your services because we would love to work with you again."

  • "They have responded to emergent work with little or no notice and have always provided highly skilled personnel and the equipment to meet the needs of NNSB. Most of the work has been highly technical in nature and they have performed flawlessly. To meet the demanding schedule, Crofton has supported round the clock until the work was completed. They have demonstrated that they are the best at what they do and the most reliable at getting the job done."

  • "As a ship agent many events occur regarding the vessels and the waterfront facilities they call. The excellent service we have received over the years from Crofton—diving, construction, and crane rental services—has helped make our business successful. Crofton Industries and T. Parker Host, Inc. are both rich in history and together we have forged a partnership that will last for many years ahead."